Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sneak Peak

Finally! I'm back to blogging! Woohoo! This last school term just about killed me! Anyway I wanted to offer you a sneak peak at one of the layouts for my upcoming Third Annual Scrapbook Event. I sat at my craft table and went for it. I really love how the puzzle pieces turned out. Yep...I made them myself from tempting turquoise card stock! I was quite pleased. If you look at the way I positioned the Garden Green pieces, I place them this way so that X would be on this page and and O would be on the other page. I was going to add some ribbon (you know me, the ribbon queen!) but I decided against it. I think the layout turned out pretty well considering I had a picture in my head and wasn't sure if it would turn out the same.
Don't you just hate that? You come up with what you think is this brilliant idea and then when you put it all together it looks terrible! But seriously...let me know what you think!


Ann said...

I love these!!! Very clever! I want to make some too! Thanks for sharing your awesome idea!!!

JustMeinIN said...

I don't think it's horrible. I think it's cute.