Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Trip to Seattle

Okay here is layout that I made for Jasmine's Seattle trip. I like the chipboard letters, you can't tell from the photo but the letters have some kind of industrial type of lines on them, maybe I should call them graphic lines...I don't know but they are cool! I did take a photo of the left and right side but they didn't come out to well, so this is the best I could do!
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Gather Together

Jasmine had several pictures of family gatherings. So this is a combination of those pictures on one layout. Again, sorry for the quality of the photos. I was in a rush to take these as I wasn't home doing it, I was at Jasmine's and I wanted to get in and get out. I normally take some time to make sure I have a decent picture and in this case I didn't :( I really like these letters from Stampin' Up. They are the Jumbo Outline Alphabet. The photo below is of the left side of the layout.
The photo below is of the right side of the layout.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wild Child & Zoo Combined Scrapbook Page

I love these chipboard letters. This photo doesn't give you a great idea what they look like but you will see the detail in one of the photo's below. So this layout is a combination of Vijay getting his big boy bed and a trip to the living desert. I wanted to use Big Boy Bed for the title but when you buy chipboard letters you have to be mindful of what letters you are using. You only get so many of each letter. In this case 3 B's would have been to much! So Wild Child is really my substitute title. The right side is a trip to the Living Desert and I just love these photos!
Here is the left side.
Here is the right side. In this photo you can see a little better what these chipboard letters look like. They are really cool! I bought them at Michael's.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bits of Me

Here is another layout. I used this title because I had different photos of Vijay doing different things and this seemed to fit. Once again, these are chipboard letters. I did take a photo of the layout together but the quality wasn't so good! This is the left side of the layout.
Below is the right side of the layout. You'll notice that Jasmine already added her journaling. I just love it!
Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Year's Scrapbook Page

Okay I managed to get some pictures of the rest of Jasmine's layouts. Sorry for the quality of the photos. Here is a layout that I made over 3 or 4 years ago. I originally made the layout for a stamp club and it has been sitting in a scrapbook...unused, for a long time. When Jasmine gave me some New Year's pictures, I knew then I would end up using this layout. Both stamp sets have retired, I don't remember the name of the letter alphabet set but the other set is Perfect Party and it was one of my favorite sets! I just thought I could use the set for other things besides birthday layouts :) It was versatile!
Here is the left side of the layout! lettering isn't exactly straight but what do you expect without using a Stamp a majig! :)
Here is the right side of the layout!
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Card

Okay, here is another card. I think I'm going to call Jasmine tonight and see if I can go by and take pictures of the rest of the pages I put together for her...tonight! So maybe I will have a photo of a scrapbook page up tomorrow. As for now, here is a card I made. By the way, remember the older post about the altered coffee can? Well I altered another coffee can and stuffed it with 20 cards for my craft booth. This is one of the cards that was in the coffee can. The card I posted the other day (Friends 24 -7) was also in the coffee can. All product is from Stampin Up.
Thanks for taking a look!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Card Gift Set

This orange plastic case came with some bath items at one point. Anyway, the bath items were all used and I still had this little case so I decided to make some cards for it and then added a little paper with stamps for the outside as an embellishment. The case actually zippers up so it really is a good place for storing cards.
The patterned paper is from Stampin' Up so is the stamp set. I forgot to take photos of the cards individiually, but you can see them partially through the case. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Card

If you remember, a while back I decorated a coffee can for my friend Mj and made a set of cards to go into the can. Well I recently altered another coffee can and made a set of cards to into the can. I did end up selling it at my table. Here is one of the cards that was in the can. I love these color combinations too! I've really gotten some mileage out of this set because I love it so :) The sentiment, Friends 24-7 is from the stamp set with the same name. Thanks for taking a look!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Set of Cards In A Post It Note Holder

I'm so bummed! I was getting ready to post another "Jasmine" layout and something must have happened with my camera because when I went to download the pictures they were gone. Unfortunately, I already gave Jasmine her layouts so I don't have them to re-photograph. I was so hoping to post my New Year's layout today. Hopefully I can get with her another time and go by her house to take pictures of the layouts. Anyhow, for some strange and mysterious reason, my younger son, Joe, brought home this empty post it note holder. I asked him if he was planning on using it and he said, "No you can have it." Needless to say, it sat around for about a month. I knew I wanted to make some note cards for it and this is what I came up with.
There is a price tag on it because I was making all sorts of projects for a booth I had for a women's day event that my church put on. I mainly used patterned paper for the cards and stamped the sentiment on each card. I have a lot of projects I took photos of that were displayed on my table so for the next few days you may see those until I can take pictures again of Jasmine's scrapbook pages. Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Proposal

Okay so this is not a scrapbook layout but a movie review. I keep forgetting to tell you all that I went to a sneak preview of this movie, The Proposal, with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It was the best romantic comedy I've seen in a while! It was sooooo funny! We laughed through the whole movie! I think it releases this weekend so if you haven't seen it you have to go check it out! Believe me it is worth it! You will laugh til the end :)

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Page

I know it is not that time of year yet, but keep in mind I'm scrapbooking for someone that has loads of pictures. Besides, there are no rules about scrapbooking :) Anyway, here is a layout of Vijay in school and pictures of the thanksgiving projects that he made. So cute! Once again I left blank spots for journaling!
Here is the left side of the layout.
Here is the right side of the layout.
I don't know where Jasmine got the borders or Thanksgiving stickers. I think it might have been Target but they went well will the layout. Let me know what you think :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

California Adventure Scrapbook Page

I'm thinking that in the next 9 days you'll probably have seen more pictures of Jasmine and her family than pictures of my own family. Sadly, I have boys who refuse to look straight at a camera. Did I mention they are teenage boys? How I wish I could just capture tCheck Spellinghose moments of them being themselves! I'll keep trying until the camera is pried from my cold, dead hands :) So... here is a page with some pictures of Jasmine and her family's trip to California Adventure. This was a really easy layout. It came together pretty quickly and this was actually the first one I finished. I haven't been posting these pages in the order that they were completed. Anyway... I love the little dimensional Disney characters! I used chocolate chip cardstock because that seemed to be a dominant color in the photos. The alphabet letters are by crayola. They are mounted on the page with foam tape.
As always, here is the left side of the layout.
Here is the right side of the layout.
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Here is another page combining different things in Vijay's life :) The letters are not chipboard but they are stickers. They came in black and white and I mounted the black sticks onto white cardstock so that they would standout against the black cardstock I used for this layout. I wish I had more arrows when I was making this page...but I used what little I had. The middle of the right side of the layout is blank. I left it this way so that Jasmine can journal about the different pictures. Just in case you are wondering, I always used mounting tape to mount the letters onto the page.
Here is the left side of the layout. I do have to tell you that I'm a dork! I took pictures of these layouts and thought to myself, "I wish I could eliminate some of the background around the photos of these layouts...duh! It only occurred to me today that I could crop the photos! Hello!
Here is the right side of the layout. Leave a comment...I would love to hear what you think. And by the way I really have simple style of scrapbooking. The tons of patterned paper that some people use on a layout is just not my style and I wouldn't have a clue where to start with all those patterns. I'm a firm believe that less is more :) I like the pictures and journaling to speak for itself! Until tomorrow :)

You Are a Star Scrapbook Page

Sorry everyone. Yesterday I was exhausted. I didn't get to much sleep the night before and I forgot to post. Here is the next page for Vijay/Jasmine's scrapbook. I ran twine (I can't think of another name for it) through out the page. The school 3D elements are by Crayola and can be found at Target. Once again I used some chipboard lettering, from Joann's. I had everything laid out on this page and there was still something missing. My friend Paula had come over for a few hours to put pictures on pages that were completed and she suggested the punched stars. Thanks Paula. Yes the punches are from Stampin Up!
Here is the left side of the layout.
Here is the right side of the layout. Let me know what you think. Oh yeah, the heart attached to the star came with the chipboard letters. Hope everyone is having a great day:)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Firehouse Scrapbook Page and Other Days

Here's is another Jasmine layout. What I really should say is Vijay layout because all the pages are for Vijay's scrapbook. This is another combined page. Combined page meaning that I scrapbooked a field trip and several other events that occurred. Don't you just love those chipboard letters? I got them at Joann's and they went perfectly with the fire truck picture. I also used my label maker (a birthday present to myself) for the titles on the photos. I purchased the silver metallic tape for the label maker and voila! I thought this layout turned out exceptionally well :)
Here is a close up of the left side of the layout.
Here is a close up of the right side of the layout.
Please post a comment and let me know what you think. By the way, in case your wondering, I didn't use a lot of Stampin' Up supplies for her layouts, just the cardstock. If I had the big shot I would have done so. Plus I love the different chipboard letters. You'll be seeing a lot of different kinds in all the layouts I've done. Until tomorrow :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jasmine's Scrapbook

This is somewhat of a story so this may be a long post. Sorry I haven't posted in a while but that is about to change! You see I think it was in April or May when I went to a Wednesday night service at my church. It was announced that there was going to be an auction to raise money for the kids to go to camp. So I go to the Wednesday service not really intending to bid on anything but more for support. They started the auction off with people willing to do housework once a week for 5 weeks and the like. I was amazed at the bidding that was going on! Anyway, we started having people auction off different things that they did, such as we had someone auction their cooking skills, he was willing to cook dinner for the whole family or cook for an event such as a party. Someone else built a custom water fountain in their home and was willing to build anyone who bid on this, a custom fountain. We had one guy auction off 25 hours of electrical labor and so on. I had no idea it was going to be like this so when we were right in the middle of this auction I asked Mj (the minister's wife) if I could auction off my scrapbooking skills :) She said she would try to fit me in! So eventually I get called up and tell everyone that I will design enough pages to fill an album for the top bidder. Well then the bidding frenzy was on :) I had two women bidding against each other when Danny (the minister) asks me if I will make two books and each person will pay the same price. Who was I to turn this down! So this page and the pages to follow are a culmination of what I have created for Jasmine who was one of the bidders. I will start on Dawn's book soon. Jasmine gave me her pictures and let me say she has tons of them! We discussed what she wanted and organized what I would be scrapbooking. This layout incorporates two events. The one on the left is Mother's day and the one on the right is Easter. At first I had a hard time trying to figure out how I would scrapbook two events onto one layout but I finally came up with this. That is why there are 2 titles to represent both days. Here is a close up of the left side of the layout. I have to say that Jasmine really has a great camera because her photos have turned out great. Sorry...I don't know what kind of camera she has. Here is a closer look at the right side of the layout. I do have to tell you that Jasmine provided the butterflies. There is a story behind those butterflies. I have the pictures and the chipboard letters all laid out and I was thinking what else can I use on this layout? I tried flowers and a number of other things but they didn't look right on the page. I mean I literally sat for 20 or 30 minutes trying to come up with something when I happened to look into one bag that I had...duh!!! That is when I found the butterflies Jasmine gave me! I had totally forgotten about them! This picture is not to clear but I drew dashed wavy lines for the butterflies. Enjoy and leave me a comment to let me know what you think. I will be posting a layout each day!