Thursday, June 18, 2009

California Adventure Scrapbook Page

I'm thinking that in the next 9 days you'll probably have seen more pictures of Jasmine and her family than pictures of my own family. Sadly, I have boys who refuse to look straight at a camera. Did I mention they are teenage boys? How I wish I could just capture tCheck Spellinghose moments of them being themselves! I'll keep trying until the camera is pried from my cold, dead hands :) So... here is a page with some pictures of Jasmine and her family's trip to California Adventure. This was a really easy layout. It came together pretty quickly and this was actually the first one I finished. I haven't been posting these pages in the order that they were completed. Anyway... I love the little dimensional Disney characters! I used chocolate chip cardstock because that seemed to be a dominant color in the photos. The alphabet letters are by crayola. They are mounted on the page with foam tape.
As always, here is the left side of the layout.
Here is the right side of the layout.
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