Thursday, July 2, 2009

Public Enemies

I just came home from the movie theater. We went to go see Public Enemies. I know...I'm not a movie critic but I have to comment when I've seen some really fine acting! I have never really been a Johnny Depp fan, but I gotta tell you he is one talented actor! This movie isn't one you will take the kiddies too. I also appreciate the fact that there was no nudity. Seriously though, Johnny Depp gave an awesome performance! I enjoyed the movie! There is a lot of gun battles in this one and the arrogance of John Dillinger, if this is really based on truth, just took my breath away! There were some parts of the movie that made me just snicker...yes I said snicker! So...if your in the mood to just see some good acting, go check it out :)

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