Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yesterday's Stamp Club Layout

Anyone out there a procrastinator? Well, I hate waiting until the last minute to do things but with two jobs, school full time and two kids sometimes I can't help it. So here I was at the last minute trying to prepare a layout for my stamp club that met yesterday. Picture me up in the early morning hours with pajamas on, hair a mess, constantly looking at the clock to make sure I leave my house in time for work in the morning. Sometimes life is like that isn't it? So I thought the title was appropriate because even when we are in a hurry we should take breath and stop and smell the flowers. If you are curious, I know there are demonstrators out there who prepare scrapbook layouts for their clubs and don't put titles on the layout but I always do! Why? Because for me the title makes the page and it also gives me the opportunity to show my customers how to use the letter stamps. So I hope you enjoy what I've come up with so far.

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sharon f. said...

Stephanie, this is greate! Welcome to the world of blogging.