Monday, February 16, 2009

Decorated Jar - Treat Holder

I happened to be snooping around some dollar bins and found these jars. I snatched up every single one of them and this is the first one I decorated. I thought it would be great to stuff with some candy or any other treat that you can think of! I used my oval punches for the sentiment because, although you can't see it very clearly, on the front of the jar there is an almost flattened oval shape where I placed the oval punches. I think it worked perfectly. On the lid of the jar, I used the scallop punch along with one circle punch. When I actually use the jar, depending on the occasion, I'll layer a smaller circle on top, stamped with a sentiment, whether it be, Happy Birthday, Thank You or Just Because! I did place the "For You" sentiment on both sides of the jar. Let me know what you think and leave a comment!


susan said...

love the jar and your mailboxes!

Beverly said...

Those are delightful lil' jars - the fronts are just perfect for your design! Aren't dollar stores great sometimes! I grabbed a bunch of small square ones that store ribbons now AND I have just now ordered the oval punches, so thanks for the inspiration... I might try decorating some glass candle jars I found at - the dollar store! LOL!